3.1 File name


Consistent naming

This agreement is intended to facilitate the user of the aspect models, both during and after a project. Consistent naming of aspect models creates uniformity in a project; the file name is always directly traceable to the file content. Additionally, by creating a uniform structure, automated checks can be carried out.


Agree within the project team how names will be formulated. There are various options:

Simple formulation

  • <construction>_<discipline>_<part>.ifc
  • project name_structural_completion.ifc
  • project name_construction_substructure.ifc
  • project name_installationE_lighting_block-a.ifc
  • project name_installationW_low-rise.ifc

Extended formulation

  • <construction>_<real estate object-aspect model type-aspect model subtype>_<company name>-<container4>-<container5>…. .ifc

The file naming convention here consists of a minimum number of available ‘containers’; in this example, these are the first three from the series above. More extensive naming is always possible in consultation and coordination with the project team, also when it comes to filling in the various containers.